Law enforcement, military, surveillance and forensics situations demand the highest performance from photographic equipment. When there are no second chances, you need kit you can trust every time.

Your cameras and lenses must be capable of capturing stills and video in high detail, at both long distances and close up. They have to be lightweight, compact, rugged and silent. That’s why you need Sony’s suite of full-frame mirrorless digital cameras, designed to deliver exceptional, dependable performance in challenging situations.

Why choose a full-frame mirrorless digital camera?

Full-frame sensor delivers higher quality, sharper pictures even in low-light conditions, and it doesn’t crop the image. That’s because it has more than 2.5 times the surface area of an APS-C sensor.

Mirrorless design is smaller, lighter, faster and more rugged than DSLR. That’s because it doesn’t need a delicate, complicated mechanism.

Our digital imaging technologies outperform the competition across the board. They are lighter, more compact and faster than DSLR counterparts. They’re quieter, too.

Sony cameras are perfectly suited for use by law enforcement, military, surveillance and forensics operatives. They offer:

  • • A broad range of versatile bodies and lenses, including high quality long lenses
  • • Menus that are simple and intuitive to use
  • • Silent electronic shutters, helping you maintain discretion
  • • Retractable screens for minimal visibility
  • • Market-leading battery capacity letting you shoot for up to six hours without needing to recharge
  • • Impressive crop factors to let you see and capture more
  • • Adaptability for digiscoping, giving you the potential for longer range camerawork and greater mobility
  • • Flexible, customizable Camera Remote SDK with real-time liveview function and zooming function

Best-in-class video

Sony cameras leave the rest standing when it comes to shooting video.

Our video autofocus accurately tracks subjects and delivers the exceptional face and eye detection that you need. You’ll never miss a beat, with intelligent scene recognition, world-leading image sensor technology and low-light video capabilities.

Take the A7S III. It’s a powerful security camera and infrastructure monitoring tool, ideal for both day and night shooting.

  • • Ultra-high sensitivity to low light, with expanded ISO up to 409600
  • • Improved image quality in bright light, with 15-stop wide dynamic range
  • • 4K 120p
  • • Fast autofocus
  • • Extra-strong image stabilization

It’s also one of the lightest cameras in its class, weighing just 699 grams. And unlike DSLRs, with our mirrorless cameras the electronic viewfinder can be used in video mode providing a hybrid solution without compromise.

Sony’s effortless reliability and extra-strong image stabilisation technology ensure you capture the perfect shot in all conditions, whether it’s day or night.

Why does ISO sensitivity matter?

Use the ISO setting to make an image brighter or darker. High ISO helps capture images in low light environments, and is combined with shutter speed adjustments and aperture size to get the best results.


When you rely on your camera equipment every day, versatility and portability are critical. That’s why we offer small, highly mobile cameras for every possible use on the ground.

The RX series, ZV-1, ZV-E10 and RX0II are compact, versatile models that don’t compromise on image quality.

Transformed and simplified menu systems help you access all the functionality quickly and seamlessly. And when you need continuous operations, the RX100 series lets you capture images while charging with a power bank on the camera.

From photographing documents to producing training videos, these cameras are ideal for day-to-day use.

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To achieve outstanding surveillance results, you need the highest possible resolution over long distances. Sony cameras offer just that.

Our high-ISO models such as the A7SIII deliver an ISO of 80 > 102400, expandable to 40 > 409600. This gives you remarkable results in low light, so poor weather and light conditions won’t cause problems. And thanks to Sony’s mirrorless system, shaking is negligible.

The weight of our camera and industry leading 400mm and 600mm lens packages is far lower than other solutions available, making them easy to transport in the field and seriously reducing the weight of your equipment.

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Sony’s cameras deliver optimal performance for forensics in all possible light and weather conditions.

Exceptional resolution is critical, and Sony delivers it across the entire range, helping you capture every detail, with the Alpha 7R IV offering 61 MP.​

Our range of lenses, including wide-angle G-Master and macro options, are ideal for forensics professionals who need to capture crime scenes in the highest possible detail, whether from a distance or up close.​

Match our camera and lens range with our electronic flashes and D-Range Optimizer technology to analyse contrast and produce images with optimized brightness and recovered shadow detail.​

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Sony’s Camera Remote SDK enables software developers to create customised camera applications for seamless integration with the drone control system.

Control Sony cameras remotely from a computer, change the settings, release the shutter and view live monitoring.

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Sony’s range of cutting-edge cameras, lenses, and software is accompanied by industry-leading support solutions.

We listen and respond to customer requirements quickly to ensure our software is updated regularly and provides the latest innovations.

As a partner to our customers, we successfully integrate their chosen Sony camera as a drone payload and help them achieve outstanding results. We also connect customers with our R&D team in Europe to help overcome any technical challenges and tailor bespoke solutions.

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