Photogrammetry is the process of creating three-dimensional visualisations of objects, structures and people based on two-dimensional photographic images. Photogrammetry can be aerial (with images taken from the air) or terrestrial (with cameras handheld, on tripods, or on a rig). The high precision measurements of photogrammetry can be integrated into specific and complex software, which has seen it become increasingly popular in a range of settings including inspection and quality assurance, CG asset/models, e-commerce, cultural heritage and photobooths.

Sony offers a range of cameras and lenses that are ideal for the complex needs of photogrammetry, featuring:

  • • Image resolution of up to 61MP – and up to 240MP with pixel shift mode
  • • An array of versatile bodies and more than 60 native lenses, including high quality wide-angle lenses
  • • Unmatched capabilities in both stills and video
  • • Image quality far superior to machine vision cameras
  • • Cameras to suit every budget and requirement
  • • Perfect synchronisation of image capture and lighting
  • • Adaptive ISO to handle colour and lighting variations with ease
  • • Ethernet remote system to change settings on multiple cameras quickly and easily
  • • Ultra-fast transfer of data thanks to USB connectivity up to 10Gbps
  • • An SDK offering you unparalleled control over settings and functionality
  • • Expert technical support to help you configure your cameras to your exact needs


Capture the external condition of an object or product in minute detail thanks to the exceptional resolution of Sony cameras, with up to 61MP available from the Alpha 7RIV. Identify tiny damages and variations in surface quality with ease – perfect for logistics inspection, factory, and lab environments. Sony cameras can be easily integrated into industrialised settings.

Sony cameras deliver extraordinary flexibility in how you control your cameras. Our Camera Remote SDK with Linux (ARM) compatibility is highly customisable and allows perfect synchronisation of image capture. This multi-camera control, along with Sony’s high data transfer speed, is essential for capturing all the pictures you need to create a complete and detailed 3D model.

Sony’s mirrorless technology minimises blurring, giving you high-quality shots time after time. Choose from a range of high-quality lenses, including wide-angle, to ensure you capture everything you need in the greatest detail. Change settings and performance on multiple cameras at once to save you time and money.


Sony’s full-frame mirrorless cameras are perfect for creating video game assets - from small objects to cityscapes and stunning panoramas. Build pre-visualisations to create film-like realism. Sony cameras and lenses are also ideal for virtual production and the creation of virtual worlds. Use these environments in-camera, in virtual locations, or in post-production for entertainment, film and TV.

Use Sony’s Pixel Shift mode mode for indoor, static objects to increase the resolution of your image up to 240MP. Our high data transfer speed also enables you to download files quickly and without losing quality.

Thanks to our Camera Remote SDK, you can also automate e-commerce asset creation, saving you time and money.

Choose from cameras to suit any budget. Browse our APS-C range, that has densely distributed focus points to aid subject capture, through to our Alpha 7RIV, offering unparalleled resolution and image quality as well as fast capture rate and optimal synchronization between multiple cameras and flash exposures.


Stay ahead of your competition. Create extraordinary product content, whether stills or video. Produce highly detailed and realistic 3D models of your inventory, using up to 61MP of resolution, that provide shoppers with an enriched buying experience.

Sony cameras reduce costs for long-term operations and ensure scalability for product content strategies. Our Camera Remote SDK makes it possible for you integrate our cameras with your existing models and systems. Sony offers unrivalled customer and technical support to our e-commerce customers, enabling you to maximise your investment quickly and easily.

Data transfer speeds enabled by our USB ports allow you to speed up your asset creation process, saving you valuable time.


Sony cameras enable you to photograph items of cultural heritage with exquisite quality. The largest structures to the smallest artefacts can be captured for detailed analysis. Every setting, from archaeology to museums, can benefit from Sony camera technology to deliver outstanding photogrammetry results.

With artefacts of great value, Sony cameras allow for the creation of incredibly detailed and precise 3D scanning, perfect for producing recreations of the object that the public can interact with. Our cameras deliver the exceptional resolution, with up to 61MP, and the image quality that make this possible.

Our pixel shift mode delivers images with remarkable colour and texture with resolution up to 240MP, eliminating the need to purchase expensive specialised cameras.

Sony’s USB capabilities allow for ultra-fast data transfer, saving you valuable time when capturing your subject.


Create 3D representations of objects and people shot inside a standard photobooth. Sony cameras are highly compact, making them easy to integrate into your existing system. Excellent data transfer speed allows you to complete your project swiftly. Our DSC cameras are simple to operate and combine outstanding image quality with prices to suit most budgets.

Sony offer customer service that’s second to none. We’ll help you configure your cameras for use quickly and easily, and help you make the most of their functionality.


Sony’s Camera Remote SDK enables software developers to create customised camera applications for seamless integration
with the drone control system.

Control Sony cameras remotely from a computer, change the settings, release the shutter and view live monitoring.

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Sony’s range of cutting-edge cameras, lenses, and software is accompanied by industry-leading support solutions.

We listen and respond to customer requirements quickly to ensure our software is updated regularly and provides the latest innovations.

As a partner to our customers, we successfully integrate their chosen Sony camera as a drone payload and help them achieve outstanding results. We also connect customers with our R&D team in Europe to help overcome any technical challenges and tailor bespoke solutions.

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