With so many applications, each with different requirements, there is no one-size-fits-all camera for commercial drones. However, whatever the application, the objective is to get the required images at the right quality as quickly as possible.

Our range of high-performing solutions has been designed to overcome every challenge your business might face:

Alongside capturing the highest-quality images, commercial drone users also require speed and agility. The size and weight of the camera play a huge part in this. Too large, or too heavy, and the drone’s balance and manoeuvrability will be affected. The battery will also drain faster, reducing flying time.

Sony’s full-frame mirrorless digital imaging technology is based on five fundamental elements to overcome the challenges encountered by users:

  • Speed – full-frame, high-speed stacked image sensor, unlimited electronic shutter and autofocus to change the workflow for focus adjustment.
  • Battery life – cameras work for longer without recharging and continuous power solutions are available.
  • Compactness and low weight – lightweight, compact body and lenses deliver optimum drone balance and manoeuvrability and increase flight time and battery life.
  • Lens – a solution for every application with XD Linear motor, Nano AR coating, and advanced aspherical lens.
  • Image quality – superb noise reduction and dynamic range expansion with Sony’s integrated body design, world-leading image sensor technology, and BIONZ processors.
  • Flexibility – digital imaging solutions to suit a vast range of applications.
  • Support – helping you achieve your business goals by developing unique solutions.


Collect visual data for a range of applications including surveying, mining, construction, and agriculture. With Sony Digital Imaging technology, you can capture the sharpest images and every detail even in the most challenging mapping applications. When you need to map large areas rapidly in high resolution you can rely on outstanding photographic results. This gives you everything you need to compile precision maps and build 3D models of structures or terrain.

Fly further with Sony. Sony’s low weight cameras increase flying time by reducing battery consumption.


Safely capture detailed structural information and determine repair requirements where conventional aircraft cannot be used. With Sony cameras, bridges, turbines, tall buildings, and other structures can all be assessed from the ground and their condition viewed in high resolution. More convenient, more cost effective, safer, and faster than manned aircraft, areas that people cannot enter such as fire-damaged buildings or an industrial site following an accident are easily assessed.

Carry out structural inspections safely with Sony. Sony’s high resolution, low weight cameras capture detailed information about the condition of structures which present access challenges.


Deploy mobile surveillance drones rapidly to any location and help staff assess security breaches safely. Whether controlled autonomously or by a pilot, surveillance drones are difficult for intruders to evade or damage.

Sony cameras provide the highest-quality full-frame resolution to help staff quickly understand the nature of the security breach in all lighting conditions. Superior image resolution also provides quality evidence for any legal proceedings.

Assess security breaches quickly and clearly with Sony. Sony’s full-frame cameras with high sensitivity to all lighting conditions are essential in security drones.

Sony’s Camera Remote SDK enables software developers to create customised camera applications for seamless integration with the drone control system.

Control Sony cameras remotely from a computer, change the settings, release the shutter and view live monitoring.

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Sony’s range of cutting-edge cameras, lenses, and software is accompanied by industry-leading support solutions.

We listen and respond to customer requirements quickly to ensure our software is updated regularly and provides the latest innovations.

As a partner to our customers, we successfully integrate their chosen Sony camera as a drone payload and help them achieve outstanding results. We also connect customers with our R&D team in Europe to help overcome any technical challenges and tailor bespoke solutions.

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