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We have a specialist team of sales development managers across Europe and located on the ground as close as possible to our customers in each country. It means that we are able to understand the unique challenges for businesses in different markets, and partner with you to provide personalized expertise, insight and support. Scroll to learn more.

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Get a true picture: Loan cameras and supported product trial

Upgrading your cameras and systems is an important step. And we’ll work with you to get it right. We can loan cameras and even provide support with integration into your processes and operations, when appropriate. It means that you can get a true picture of how Sony Digital Imaging solutions will work for your businesses. Contact us to discuss our loan options and conditions.

1 to 1 support: Customer training and help with integration

Onboarding and integration of new equipment is a critical part of a successful process. Through our European network of digital imaging experts, we are able to provide local language training and support for customers – in many cases on a 1 to 1 basis. For details of how we can assist you, please contact us through our sales form.

Continual feedback and development

As a customer-first business, Sony Digital Imaging solutions are built around you and your needs. So, we always gather feedback about our cameras and our Camera Remote SDK. Everything you tell is reported into our development teams and used as part of our continual improvement process. Let us know what you think – talk to your sales development manager.

Packages to fit your needs

We are able to offer flexible solution options for different customers, based on your requests and product combinations. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and discover the best product packages to suit you. Contact us through our sales form or discuss with your local sales development manager.
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