Delivering innovation for an accessible future.

We leverage creativity and technology to enhance the accessibility of our products, services, and experiences.

Through our commitment to an inclusive future, we aim to create a world where everyone belongs.

We strive to enable and empower individuals of all abilities to share Kando (emotion).

Our commitment to continuously improving accessibility is a way of life at Sony.

Sony aspires to create great products and services using advanced technologies that are both intuitive and easy to use by people of all abilities. We believe that no one should be excluded, and we work towards that goal.

Consumer electronic products and services are increasingly multi-functional. Their user interfaces are becoming more complex too.

Against this backdrop, Sony is collaborating with a wide cross section of individuals who face accessibility challenges to conduct usability tests in order to assess factors such as view-ability, understandability, operability and responsiveness.

Sony is proud to take a leading role in the development of international accessibility, usability and active assisted living (AAL) standards in IEC TC 100 and IEC SyC AAL. Sony is also committed to promoting accessibility in regional trade associations, such as in Digital Europe, JEITA (Japan) and CTA (USA) to ensure appropriate solutions are found for compliance through technical policies.

For further information regarding Sony’s approach to accessibility and information related to specific products and features, please visit our global Accessibilty Site

  • If you have any specific questions regarding the areas of accessibility or if you are unable to access any content or a service, please feel free to contact us.